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Chief Medical Examiner and SiRT release reports re Clayton Miller


Today the province's Chief Medical Examiner, and the Director of the independent Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) released their reports following their investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death of Clayton Miller in May of 1990.

In the Chief Medical Examiner’s report, Dr. Matt Bowes details his investigation and findings regarding the matter.  He has confirmed previous medical conclusions that Clayton Miller did not suffer any beating or other injuries that led to his death.  Rather, Clayton Miller died from a combination of alcohol consumption and hypothermia.  In particular, he found that the recent opinions of a Ms. Kathleen Dwyer do not offer scientifically valid information.

In his report, Director Ron MacDonald reviews the numerous theories that have circulated for years that suggest that Clayton Miller was killed by members of the New Waterford Police force. He has determined that there is no evidence to show that any police officer had any contact with Clayton Miller prior to his death.  Rather, the evidence shows that Clayton Miller’s death was an accident, caused when he fell and passed out attempting to run from police. He remained partially in a stream in a location unseen by anyone until two days later, having died from hypothermia.  There are no grounds to consider any charges against any police officer.

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