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Investigation Opened into Attempted Traffic Stop of Motorcycle By HRP


At approximately 8:45 p.m. Saturday night a member of the Halifax Regional Police (HRP) was attempting to pull over a motorcycle in Dartmouth that was associated with an earlier complaint of assault from Highfield Park. The officer and the motorcycle were headed toward Waverly on the Waverly Road crossing over the MicMac Parclo. The motorcycle sped past two vehicles stopped at the traffic lights at the intersection with Route #7, and crashed a short distance away.

The driver was taken to the Dartmouth General by EHS, and later diagnosed to have fractured ribs. SiRT was then contacted as a result of the serious injuries and commenced its investigation of the matter Saturday night.

The drivers of the cars stopped at the intersection are unknown. They are asked to contact SiRT to provide information about what they observed. They, and anyone else who may have witnessed the crash, are asked to call 902-424-2010, or toll free 1-855-450-2010.

The Serious Incident Response Team is responsible for investigating all serious incidents involving police in Nova Scotia, whether or not there is an allegation of wrongdoing. 

The team can independently begin an investigation after a referral from a chief of police, the head of the RCMP in Nova Scotia or the Minister of Justice. It can also investigate after a complaint from the public.

The Police Act requires the director to file a public report summarizing the result of the investigation within three months after it is finished.

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