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RCMP Member Investigated for Assault and Sexual Assault Allegations


The province's independent Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) has commenced an investigation of a male RCMP member regarding separate allegations of assault and sexual assault. The assault is alleged to involve a female RCMP member, and the sexual assault, involving inappropriate sexual touching, is alleged to involve a female employee.

Both incidents are said to have occurred during a three day RCMP meeting at a private facility in Queen’s County. The assault was alleged to have occurred on March 24, and the sexual assault on March 25.

On Monday, March 30, the complainant in the sexual assault came forward and as a result the RCMP contacted SiRT. At that time SiRT commenced an investigation into that matter.  On Tuesday, March 31, further information was received which led to the investigation into the assault matter.

The Serious Incident Response Team is responsible for investigating all serious incidents involving police in Nova Scotia, whether or not there is an allegation of wrongdoing. Investigations are under the direction and control of independent civilian director Ron MacDonald.

The team can independently begin an investigation after a referral from a chief of police, the head of the RCMP in Nova Scotia or the Minister of Justice. It can also investigate after a complaint from the public.

The Police Act requires the director to file a public report summarizing the result of the investigation within three months after it is finished.

Media Contact:

Ron MacDonald, QC