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SiRT – RCMP officer will not face sexual assault charges


The province’s Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) today released its report regarding an allegation of sexual assault against a male member of the RCMP arising in late November, 2014.

The incident occurred at a party held at the home of the officer under investigation. Well after mid-night, he was present in his home’s hot tub, along with a male and female, both also RCMP officers. Both the male under investigation and the female member were intoxicated.  At one point the female stood to cool off, and was inappropriately touched on her buttocks by the male officer under investigation. This was seen by the other male officer, who intervened. All three then left the hot tub. The female did not make a complaint, but the matter came to the attention of superior officers and was referred to SiRT on December 4. 

The investigation concluded that while there were reasonable grounds to conclude the incident occurred, the female officer was clear that she felt the matter should not proceed to criminal charges. Considering her position, and the facts of the case, no charge was laid against the male officer. The matter is being dealt with under the RCMP disciplinary processes.

The full report is available at

SIRT is responsible for investigating all serious incidents involving police in Nova Scotia. Investigations are under the direction and control of independent civilian director Ron MacDonald, who is solely responsible for decisions respecting the laying of any charge.

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