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SiRT Responds to Death of Woman on Tower Road


The province's independent Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) is investigating the circumstances of surrounding the death of a 39 year-old-woman in an apartment building on Tower Road.

Today, December 29, three members of the Halifax Regional Police (HRP) responded to a call about a woman threatening to harm herself. On arrival, police entered her apartment in an effort to ensure her safety. The police attempted to intervene to prevent the woman from causing herself harm, but it appears the woman nevertheless injured herself. She was transported to hospital where she later passed away.

As a result of the incident and the police involvement in the matter, and in accordance with the Police Act SiRT was contacted very shortly after the incident by the HRP and has assumed responsibility for the investigation. All SiRT investigations are under the direction and control of independent civilian director Ron MacDonald.

The team can independently begin an investigation after a referral from a chief of police, the head of the RCMP in Nova Scotia or the Minister of Justice. It can also investigate after a complaint from the public.

The Police Act requires the director to file a public report summarizing the result of the investigation within three months after it is finished.

Media Contact:
Ron MacDonald, QC