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Theft and Trafficking Charges Laid Against RCMP Officer


Today SiRT laid charges of theft of cocaine, trafficking in cocaine, breach of trust, and laundering proceeds of crime against Staff Sergeant Craig Robert Burnett, a member of the RCMP working at the RCMP Operational Communications Centre (OCC), located in Truro.

In September of 2015 SiRT was contacted by the RCMP in relation to information they received which alleged in 2011, a member of the RCMP had stolen a 10 kg quantity of cocaine from an exhibit locker and replaced the drugs with another substance. These drugs were scheduled to be destroyed as they were no longer evidence in a court case.

The allegations included that the member had provided the cocaine to other persons who sold it, allegedly resulting in the member receiving substantial proceeds from the sale.

Early on it was determined that the investigation required significant investigational resources. As a result, the investigation was carried out by numerous RCMP members from Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, under the independent oversight of the Director of SiRT. The RCMP devoted the substantial investigative resources needed to reach the conclusion of the investigation.

Staff Sergeant Burnett will appear in Provincial Court in Halifax today for the purpose of setting release conditions.


Media Contact:

Ron MacDonald, QC